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Azur Wines: Wines with Identity

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A Vision of Community: Azur’s Downtown Napa Tasting Lounge

We believe that wine is meant to be enjoyed together.

Whether you’re sipping with friends or simply share our desire for community, our chic open lounge format provides a unique opportunity for connection to great wine and to each other.

Located in the heart of vibrant downtown Napa, Azur’s tasting lounge is the newest hot destination for wine lovers near and far. Pop by for a glass of world-class wine that sings of its place, plan a group tasting with artisanal food pairings, or host your next event of any size from two in our intimate speakeasy room to up to 50 in our Lounge. 

Azur Wines: Crafted With Purity & Intention

Azur Wines are “Wines with Identity.” We intentionally produce quality Napa wines that are an expression of their place.

Our Azur Classic Cabernet Sauvignon is renowned for its depth of flavor and aromatic freshness. This rich red wine sings of Napa Valley’s hillside fruit and valley floor fruit. The ripe valley floor fruit compliments the structure from the hillside fruit that provides perfect harmony.

We are dedicated and passionate about ensuring that each wine is a true testament to meticulous farming, quality vineyards and premium winemaking, and that our wines are a reflection of the intentionality behind each. Our premium character-driven red wines are handcrafted to showcase the beauty and depth of Napa Valley vineyards and their distinct terroir.

Behind the Wines: Our Inspiration

Azur is proud to be women-owned, family-focused, and community-oriented. We believe that good wine is even greater when enjoyed with others, and we’ve made it our mission to cultivate both extraordinary wines and a stunning space to share them.

Our inception in 2007 was the product of proprietor Elan Fayard’s visionary dedication to produce terroir-specific wines that express the purity and nuance of the vineyards from which they are sourced. Though reminiscent of Provence, Azur’s wines are influenced by her time in France yet purely expressive of Napa, and add to Napa’s deep wealth of world-class wine in a fresh and innovative way.

“Quality through intention” is the trademark of Azur, and is the hallmark of all that we do.

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The entire lineup of Azur Wines is singular. Our hand-crafted small production wines are uniquely cultivated to bring out vineyard specificities and the rich details of each vine’s location. Our wines sing of their place, reflecting the depth of the soils in which they were grown and the masterful farming techniques that craft each grape before it reaches your glass.

Aside from the Azur Tasting Lounge, the only way to guarantee your favorite wines is through our allocations. We have an array of allocation options tailored to your unique preferences, and we’re happy to customize an option that makes sense for you and your tastes.

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