What Goes Into the Best Wines in Napa

The wine capital of California, Napa Valley is world renowned for its high-quality wines and breathtakingly beautiful vineyards. The area exudes a laid-back sophistication, with a warmth and elegance that brings visitors back again and again. And while Napa is beloved by visitors of all interests, for wine lovers, it’s particularly heavenly.

Napa Valley may be small, but it’s made a massive impact on the wine industry. Some of the world’s best wines are made in Napa, and with over 400 wineries, there’s nowhere better to experience all that wine country has to offer.

Have you ever wondered how Napa became one of the most respected winemaking regions in the world? Read on to learn more about the history of winemaking in Napa, and why the area is ideal for crafting premium wines of all kinds.

Napa Valley: A History

Winemaking in Napa dates back to the early 1700’s, when Franciscan missionaries began planting vines to make sacramental wines for their religious practices. While there were certainly already wild grapes in America, these vines marked the first European vines to be brought to the valley. However, it wasn’t until the 1830s when George Yount settled in Napa and began planting vines that wine production truly got its start.

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The demand for wine grew with the influx of settlers during the California Gold Rush, and suddenly the area began developing rapidly. Settlers who struck out hunting for gold were desperate for a different means of providing for their families, and the area was soon bustling with an entrepreneurial spirit. Many of the settlers were of European descent, and appreciated a good glass of wine. Soon, an industry was born.

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Wine production in Napa began to boom, and in 1861, the first commercial winery in the valley was opened by Charles Krug. His success spurred on others, and soon wineries were opening all over Napa. Several of the wineries opened in this era still exist today.

The wine industry wasn’t without hardship in the years to follow. Parasitic insects called phylloxera began invading the vineyards, leading to several years of devastating loss to the area’s crops. Soon after, Prohibition struck, and Napa Valley suffered its worst blow yet as this thriving industry was forced to almost entirely shut down.

However, in the years after the repeal of Prohibition, the Napa Valley came to life again, and soon blossomed into the staple of the wine industry that we know it to be today.

Why Napa Is Ideal for Wine Production

Napa has been described as the “Bordeaux” of wine production in America – presenting an ideal climate, various soils and overall growing condition to make this the epi-cent of quality, premium wine. While much of the area’s winemaking success comes from the hard work of winemakers, much can also be attributed to Napa itself.


Napa enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with primarily warm, dry, and sunny weather. This type of climate is rare – only 2% of the world is considered to be a Mediterranean climate. With long summers and short winters, it’s almost always pleasant in Napa – and this gorgeous climate is the perfect environment in which to grow the world’s finest grapes.


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The right kind of soil is key to allowing any form of agriculture to thrive, and Napa’s soil is perfect for a successful vineyard. The area is home to a vast array of soil types, and this variety makes all the difference in growing. Different soils are ideal for different types of grapes, and winemakers use this to their advantage. The soil in Napa is also richly filled with nutrients, – particularly calcium – which allows for incredible growth.


Winemaking is in Napa’s blood, and this shines through the people who make this highly involved process possible. Napa’s culture is elegant yet relaxed, disciplined and hardworking yet laid-back. The valley is filled with a rich history, and the people who carry it today are proud of where they came from and where they’re going.

Napa Valley: The Heart of Winemaking in America

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Not only is the Napa Valley the capital of California winemaking, but it’s known to be the premier winemaking location in the country. While most of the most renowned wine destinations can be found in Europe, such as France, Italy, and Spain, there is one spot in America that always makes the list – the Napa Valley. It’s here that some of the best wines in the world are crafted, and it’s here that American winemaking truly was born.

Napa Wineries and Vineyards

In the 30 miles of beautiful Napa, there are hundreds of vineyards and wineries constantly working to continually develop and transform the wine industry, resulting in the world-class wine that visitors to Napa enjoy every day. These wineries and vineyards range from small family-run businesses to large-scale wineries with multiple locations. Big or small, you always know when visiting Napa’s wineries that you’re experiencing something special.

Visiting the Napa Valley

Each year, roughly four million people visit the Napa Valley to enjoy world-renowned wine, delicious food, and stunning views. Visitors to the area are able to take advantage of great shopping, spa treatments, nature, historical sights, and of course, wine-centric experiences. From vineyard tours to wine trains, tastings to specialty events, there are so many incredible opportunities to take in all that Napa wine country has to offer.

What Sets Azur Wines Apart?

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Azur Wines has been working since 2007 to craft wines that truly express the purity and the nuance of Napa grapes. With a deep love for wine and a desire to carry the French influence of her time living in Provence into Napa wine, Azur proprietor Elan Fayard built a winery rooted in intention and quality.

Azur’s wines are “Wines with Identity”. Their quality is unmatched, and each bottle is crafted to reflect the winery’s dedication to the flavor and deep influence from which the wines were created.

What to Know About the Best Napa Wines?

Whether you’re a wine aficionado wanting to learn more about Napa’s incredible wines or you’re planning an upcoming trip to the area, here are a few frequently asked questions about the best Napa wines.

What Are the Best Napa Wines?

Napa Valley is known for a wide variety of wines. Some of its most highly regarded wines are Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Blends, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay, but it’s truly impossible to go wrong when enjoying a bottle of Napa wine.

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When Is the Best Time to Visit Napa for Wine?

Spring and fall are the most popular times to visit Napa, with tourism peaking in fall during harvest season. However, Napa Valley is a beautiful place to visit year round.

Can I Tour Wineries and Vineyards in Napa?

Yes. To learn about a specific winery or vineyard’s touring opportunities, visit their website. Many people prefer to work with experienced tour companies that can provide suggestions on smaller producer, hidden gem wineries. We are happy to provide suggestions both on the best tour companies and tour guides to work with as well as other under the radar wineries that we think you should know.

Experience World Class Wine at Azur Wine Lounge

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No trip to Napa is complete without a visit to the Azur Wine Lounge in downtown Napa. This elegant tasting room is the perfect place to experience wines that sing of their place. What sets Azur apart is the quality wines and original and stylish design. In addition, Azur offers something for everyone, you can enjoy a spontaneous glass, reserve a tasting flight, or consider Azur Wine Lounge for your next event. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with the best wine Napa has to offer. Let us be your guide to premium, small production wines and experiences in Napa.

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