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Napa’s Best Wineries for Bachelorette Parties

You said yes — and now the whirlwind of wedding planning has begun. From cake tastings to dress shopping, your mind is spinning with a million details that need to come together before the big day. But before you say “I do,” there are some special people to celebrate with — the girls who have been by your side through every bad breakup and dating app disaster.

It’s time to step away from the hurry and stress of wedding planning and enjoy a getaway with your girlfriends — and what more perfect place to do that than Napa?

Napa bachelorette parties are some of the easiest bachelorette parties to plan because the area is perfect for a relaxing weekend away — and for the bride who loves nothing more than a good glass of wine, Napa wineries are the most renowned in the country.

If the decision fatigue of wedding planning is settling in, don’t worry. We have you covered. Read on for our guide to the best Napa bachelorette party wineries for an unforgettable weekend.

Why Napa Is Great for Bachelorette Parties

Known as the wine capital of America, Napa is the perfect bachelorette getaway for the bride who loves nothing more than discovering a new favorite wine. With gorgeous vineyards and upscale wineries all over the Napa Valley and some of the hippest wine lounges in the cool downtown Napa, you’ll be able to enjoy luxurious sights and sips all weekend long.

iconic Napa hot air ballon ride activity

Napa also boasts upscale cuisine for the foodies in your group, high-end shopping, luscious spa treatments, and a variety of activities. Indulge your adventurous side with beautiful hikes, and experience the iconic Napa hot air balloon ride over the valley for a view you’ll never forget.

Best Napa Bachelorette Party Wineries

With so many incredible wineries in Napa, it can be difficult to build your itinerary for a bachelorette weekend. Luckily, we’re here to share our favorite Napa Valley stops with you.

wine table preparation at napa

Azur Wines

The newest must-visit destination in downtown Napa, the Azur Wines tasting lounge is the elegant escape that you need for your upcoming bachelorette. Reserve a tasting for a private experience of the senses that will introduce you to unique, often inaccessible wines. The critically acclaimed Provence-style Rosé is a prime draw, as it’s the first dry, premium rosé in the Napa Valley. Azur also produces incredible red wines, from a proprietary red blend to the cabernet sauvignon and the Reserve. Azur’s premium red wines are some of the finest small production wines in Napa Valley.

Azur wine tasting lounge with world class wines and best place

At the Azur Wines tasting lounge, you’ll enjoy world-class wines, artisanal food pairings, and a gorgeous, sumptuous atmosphere that’s perfect for savoring your special weekend.

Louis M. Martini Winery

With over 100 years of experience in the winemaking industry, the Martini family has built a legacy on quality wine. The Louis M. Martini Winery offers a number of tastings, from indoor lounge sessions to al fresco experiences on the beautiful Martini property.

For the group looking for a more in-depth glimpse into winemaking, reserve the Underground Cellar tour, which includes culinary tastings from the winery’s chef.

Domaine Carneros

For the bride who wants to feel like royalty, a visit to Domaine Carneros is a must. The estate winery boasts a number of tasting experiences on its beautiful terrace, which overlooks the rolling hills of the vineyard.

While Domaine Carneros serves both sparkling and still wines, they are first and foremost known for their sparkling wines, which are crafted with care and known to be some of the best in Napa Valley.

domaine carneros view of rolling hills of the vineyard

Napa Valley Wine Train

Inspired by the golden age of luxury train travel, the Napa Valley Wine Train is an unforgettable experience. With a variety of different packages, you can spend anywhere from a few hours to a full day on the Napa Valley Wine Train, enjoying views of wine country alongside world class food and wine.

Day trips include stops to several wineries in the Napa Valley, which makes the planning simple — all you have to do is show up and enjoy the ride.

V. Sattui Winery

One of the top Napa bachelorette party wineries is the V Sattui Winery, a historic staple of the area. Founded in 1885, this iconic institution offers the rustic charm of an Italian estate.

Reserve a St. Helena Wine Tasting or enjoy the numerous on-site culinary options to enjoy on the picnic grounds, which boast over two acres of land to explore. This beautiful property is the perfect romantic location for a wedding, so if you’re still wondering where to say “I do,” consider V. Sattui for the Napa wedding of your dreams.

Bricoleur Vineyards

Bricoleur Vineyards may only be a few years old, but they’ve already made their mark on the wine industry. Named one of the 10 Best Wineries in the country by USA Today, this relatively new vineyard is filled with old-world charm that’s grounded in the family’s legacy of winemaking since the 19th century.

Their beautiful Windsor Wine Tasting Room will awaken your palate with seasonal food and wine pairings. For an extra special experience, book a private tasting after-hours at the Chef’s table.

bricoleur vineyard the best wineries in the country

Pine Ridge Vineyards

One of the most sustainable vineyards in the valley, Pine Ridge Vineyards is known for their exquisite Cabernet Sauvignon wines. Try it for yourself at one of their many tasting opportunities.

Our recommendation? Reserve a tasting inside one of the Pine Ridge Vineyards wine caves for a unique, enchanting experience.

Jarvis Estate Winery

Authentic Spanish influence touches every aspect of the Jarvis Estate Winery. The first winery in the country to be built entirely underground, a tour of Jarvis provides an intimate look at the winemaking process unlike any other winery.

After your tour, enjoy the fruits of the labor and taste the winery’s finest.

Hess Persson Estates

For a full cultural experience, the Hess Persson Estates is one of the top Napa bachelorette party wineries. In addition to their world-class wine tastings, they boast a stunning art gallery to peruse before you sip.

From vineyard tours to culinary delights, the Hess Persson Estates is a must-visit destination.

FAQs: What You Need to Know About Napa Bachelorette Party Wineries

There’s no doubt that Napa is the perfect place for any wine lover to visit for a bachelorette weekend. As you plan your trip to sample delicious wines and enjoy breathtaking views, here are a few things to keep in mind.

breathtaking views in Napa with mountains and grape fields

What is the Weather Like in Napa?

Napa’s climate is mild, allowing for generally comfortable temperatures year-round. While the mornings and evenings may be significantly cooler than the daytime hours, it rarely drops below the 40’s in the winter or rises above the 80’s in the summer, with glorious average temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s.

What Should I Wear to a Napa Winery?

Every winery is different, so take the time to check for a dress code before you go. Generally speaking, an elevated casual look is best, with layers to allow for changes in temperature. If you plan to tour the winery or vineyard, comfortable shoes are a must.

What Are the Best Things to Do in Napa?

In addition to visiting the best Napa bachelorette party wineries, enjoy artisanal restaurants, luxury shopping, and outdoor adventures. With plenty of options, Napa is the perfect place for your bridal party to celebrate a bachelorette weekend.

Can My Group Bring Food to a Napa Winery?

Generally, outside food is not allowed at Napa wineries. However, regulations on outside food vary from winery to winery, so check your winery’s website before arriving.

Celebrate Your Bachelorette Party in Napa

bachelorette party celebration at Napa wineries

Your bachelorette party is an event you’ll always remember, and you deserve a weekend of luxury and relaxation. With so many incredible experiences and cultural opportunities, Napa bachelorette parties will rejuvenate you for the wedding season ahead.

Be sure to stop by the Azur Wines tasting lounge on your upcoming trip — we’d love to be a part of your celebration.

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